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As per newspaper and media there is corruption in education system in India -- In primary, secondary and higher education.

1.To be an engineer: Pay money
2.To be a doctor : Huge money to medical college in terms donation.

As per DONATION FREE INDIA reviewers the quality of education has increased, the system has started getting bad. Indian religion has always considered education as sacred, but does the sacredness still exist? Does India treats all students equal and gives them equal education? Is the Indian education system corrupted? Etc.

According to media many institutions like university and colleges also have started taking bribes on the name of donation or service charge which costs up to 10 to 15 lakhs. The education system is not directly depriving the child from taking education but indirectly it is saying that marks and intelligence have no value in front of money today.

By Considering all these DONATION FREE INDIA launched a website / app where students can get all the related information of Engineering as well medical colleges in all states and cities. And will also be eligible to take admission if they are full-fill all the eligibility criteria as per his / her desired college or university without paying any extra money. DONATION FREE INDIA is making a single platform, education hub (website / app) where students can get all the information of engineering and medical colleges. Education corruption is like the salt in the sea water. But it can be eradicated by going through DONATION FREE INDIA website / app.


You might have a question on your mind that why you choose DONATION FREE INDIA when you can get admission through other websites? We have reliable answer for that. First of all DONATION FREE INDIA is a single website where you can get all the information about colleges / university (Engineering & Medical) state and city location, college review their ranking etc, and can get admission as per your desired college without paying any extra money. DONATION FREE INDIA is providing highly skilled professionals, which can help & guide you as per your desirable choices of college / university.

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