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Student FAQs Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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I was planning on appearing for entrance exams in March - April. What will happen now?

In all likelihood, the exams scheduled to happen in March-April is just delayed. You can prepare some more and utilize this extra time to look for colleges on There are so manycolleges listed here and you can search basis location, fees, degree etc.

Will my academic year suffer due to Coronavirus?

There will be delayed admissions due to Coronavirus, but good colleges will have a contingency plan in place and make up for the time lost. So if you are looking for a college to take admission into, make sure that you choose the right college. You can checkout colleges at and choose from approximately thousands colleges PAN India. If you need help shortlisting the right college, just drop in your phone numbers and our education experts will give you a call to solve your query.

How do I decide which college is the best for me?

If you want to get a precise analysis of what course/ college is best for you, you can leave your phone no, and Donation Free India seasoned academic counselors will hand-hold you and guide you through. They will not only help you identify your true calling, but also assist you in finding the best college options in the preferred destination and according to your budget!

Will I need to drop a year due to coronavirus?

No, not necessarily. You can drop in your phone number & e-mail ID and a Donation Free India admission expert will get in touch with you to help you apply to colleges of your choice so that you don’t miss out on 1 whole year!

Will the admission deadline be extended due to Coronavirus?

Just drop in your phone number, so that our Education Experts can help you apply to your dream college without any hassle. For free. Our experts will also suggest you the best colleges that are still accepting applications for admission.

Will colleges give some concession in admission due to Coronavirus?

If there’s a delay in announcement of results or conducting of exams, then maybe there will be some concession regarding last day of application. But why don’t you call us or drop in a message and our counseling expert will help you out through the entire admission process. Free of cost.

I would have liked to visit the campus before I took admission in it. Now, due to COVID-19, what should I do?

Just drop in your number and we’ll see what we can do. Donation Free India admission experts will try to help you out to the maximum... be it connecting you with someone from the college or helping you out with a virtual tour.

Have colleges changed how they are admitting students due to the coronavirus outbreak?

Yes, many colleges have altered their admissions. If you want to discuss this in detail, drop your phone number, so that we can give you detailed information regarding this.

The college I had shortlisted/ targeted is closed due to Coronavirus and cannot send my official transcripts. What should I do?

Let us help you out with that. Leave your number with us and our Admissions Expert will get in touch with you shortly to help you send out your documents & transcripts.

Can I put one college’s admission on hold, while I wait for other colleges’ admission process to open up?

Tell us which college you are specifically talking about and we will guide you accordingly. Just drop in your phone number so that our expert counselor can call you back.

How can Donation Free India help during Coronavirus?

In such rough times, Donation Free India can simplify your life; help you meet your admissions deadline, without risking your life!
With thousands admissions under its belt, Donation Free India prides itself in helping students take admissions to colleges of their choice/ caliber. With social distancing, Donation Free India will ensure that your applications don’t suffer and you are able to submit your application form, supporting documents etc. on time and avoid rejection.
Leave your number with us and we shall get back to you shortly to figure out a way to help you out!

Why should I choose Donation Free India for help?

With over so many colleges listed, Donation Free India has associations with more than 500+ colleges PAN India to help you choose your choicest course/ college. Depending on what your requirement is, our admission experts will assist you with all your college counseling & admissions related queries.
So, just drop in your number and we will get back in a jiffy!

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